30-day Online Personalized Workout Routine

This Prize for our Swimsuit Ready Challenge comes to us from personal trainer, Shaun Zetlin of ZetlinFitness.com.

About Shaun

As the son of a professional bodybuilder, Shaun was exposed to weightlifting and exercise at a very young age. After overcoming his own personal physical limitations that consisted of being born with club feet and terrible gross motor skills, Shaun made it his mission to share his passion and knowledge to help others strive to meet their fitness goals.

Shaun’s Background and Qualifications

For the past ten years, he has successfully run his own personal training business in the New York Metro area by being able to relate to each client’s specific individual needs and goals.

Shaun prides himself on developing exercise plans and nutritional menus for any client’s fitness goals. His clientele ranges from the: athlete, senior citizen, bodybuilder, and dancer. Furthermore, Shaun’s specialties include strength training, power techniques, corrective injury training and core stability training.

In addition to the his highly regarded Master trainer status, some of his National Academy of Sports Medicine certifications include: certified personal trainer, Pre and Post Natal, Corrective Exercise Practices, Cardiovascular Weight Loss Specialist, Youth Training, and Senior Citizen Training. Additionally, he is certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a Sports Performance Nutrition Specialist. Furthermore, Shaun earned his Bachelors degree in English Literature and Writing from the University of Delaware.

Shaun has had his award winning tips and articles published with a variety of magazines and websites in the world of fitness from: World Price Publishing, Weight Watchers, Brides, Prevention, OnFitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine, and GO: AirTran Magazine.

Shaun is the host of his own radio show called, “The Zetlin Fitness Show” that can be listened to on this website under the media page.

The Prize

Shaun will create a 30-day Internet personalized workout routine for your specific fitness goals.

Moreover, he will conduct a number of crucial assessments to determine a tailored program that is custom built for not only getting you in shape aesthetically, but improving your overall health and body function as well. For example, Shaun will be able to determine what muscles are over active (tight) and under active (weak) on your body. He will then be able to design a workout routine that will help prevent aches, pains, and injury.

Furthermore, he will analyze any postural distortions to develop a functional routine to improve those issues. This web-based program includes an individualized program design complete with progression routines, scheduled follow-ups, and checkpoints. Please note that Shaun is accessible to his clients always, not just during their training session. He is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

Enter to win this prize – just add a comment like “I want this!” to let us know you want this prize. Then – share it with your friends and go check out the other prizes that are available this month in our Swimsuit Ready Challenge!

(If this is the first prize you’re entering to win, you’ll need to Register for a login – it is super easy, just follow the instructions and you can use the same login over and over again to enter to win the prizes.)

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Author: Rachel Honoway

Rachel started PrettyHardWork.com based on her love for intense workouts and the results they produce. She's a wife, a mom to two elementary school aged boys and a small business owner - but here at PrettyHardWork.com, she gets to be a fitness enthusiast, bringing you tips, advice and routines to help keep you motivated to workout - pretty hard!

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