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Hi! Welcome to our site!

Our names are Megan and Rachel – we’re moms, business professionals and fitness enthusiasts. We started by “trying out” a few fitness classes together a few years ago. That turned into a few more classes, and a few more. Before we knew it, we were into a regular schedule of kickboxing, yoga, cardio, step and sculpting routines.

And before we knew it – we needed new clothes, we were buying bikinis and we were feeling really, really good. Neither of us claims to be a model of fitness or in “perfect” shape… but we’ve made some big improvements – and we feel good about them!

All of this has lead a number of people to comment…


And then they wait as if we are going to reveal some crazy diet (like – all you have to do is eat strawberries for three days!) or some kind of magic exercise (like – two squats and three sit-ups each night before bed is all it takes!).

But, the truth is – there is no crazy diet or magic exercise. We have to answer that “what we’re doing” is…


And… we LOVE it! Here’s what Rachel has to say about:

Challenges Accepted

We are constantly on the look out for challenges.

If it’s easy – neither one of us want to do it.

What’s the point in doing something easy? We want something challenging that will be worth our time and produce results.

So, we choose exercises and healthy habits that lead to results. Here at PrettyHardWork.com – we share them with you!

The Pretty Hard Work Team

We use a team approach to bring you tips and advice. You’ll see articles by each of us and lots of amazing tips from fitness experts, authors,┬ádietitians, health professionals and other real women who are accepting challenges and seeing results!

If you’ve got tips and information to share, visit our Contact Us page for more information on getting involved and contributing to our site!


Megan and Rachel