Accept a Challenge to Renew Your Love of Exercise

To avoid falling into an exercise slump, many people have joined in the fun of competing.  Now, most of us compete only with ourselves.  The goal?…  to finish.  And to accomplish something that sets you apart.  Maybe this need to perform is inspired by all the TV contests, like The Biggest Loser for example.  At any rate, we love to learn about new and exciting challenges.

Our guest blogger shares with us today about how training for and running a half marathon race can change your perspective on many areas of life.

Running a Half Marathon Can Change Your Whole Attitude

If you are looking for a big event or challenge to help kickstart your fitness goals, I highly recommend a half marathon. Its an excellent way to learn how to stick to a strict training schedule, build confidence, and set a clear goal to work towards.

Anyone can train for a half marathon. You do not have to be a runner. Every human was born to run, just at different speeds and skill levels! The best part about a half marathon is that it doesn’t have to be a race, it can just be a run with a medal waiting for you at the end.

A half marathon training schedule for a beginner is around 4 months. A typical schedule would have you running 5 days a week and the distances would gradually increase. At first, you’ll see the long runs and be scared, but as your training progresses, you will be excited to face the challenge. The schedule allows you to have little victories along the way, which can change your whole attitude towards working out. By the time you get to the day of the run, you’ll be pumped and ready to cross the finish line.

Rease Kirchner, Freelance Travel Writer,

What challenge have you accepted that renewed your vigor for exercise?

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