Benefits of Yoga: Ancient Practice, Younger YOU

Let’s face it!  One of the benefits of regular exercise is looking great.  In fact, this is the reason why most of us drag our butts out of bed an hour earlier than necessary every morning to squeeze in a workout.  Our expert guest blogger explains to us today the youthful benefits of exercise.

Learn how the benefits of Yoga in your exercise routine can make you look and feel younger!

5 Ways Yoga Helps You Get Younger

Have you been searching for ways to look and feel younger? Don’t worry. You have at least one thing in common with the rest of us—you haven’t discovered a fountain of youth. If you had, you’d be busy bottling that magical water rather than reading about yoga, right?

But don’t be discouraged! Here are some surprising things yoga can do for you.

One: Increased energy level

You have a life force called “chi” flowing through your body. Yoga allows you to find out if that energy is blocked. You will learn how to free up this vitality and rejuvenate your spirit.

Two: Flexibility

If you’re not quite as limber as you once were, yoga practice will help. You’ll be more active and less vulnerable to injuries. You’ll even heal more quickly if you do get hurt—just like you did when you were younger.

Three: Better Sleep

According to Alejandra Chaoul-Reich, a graduate student at Rice University, yoga practice can help you sleep better—no pills, no warm milk, no sheep. Take hold of your mind. Manage your thoughts using yoga meditation. Then use specific relaxing poses to invite sleep.

Four: Stress relief

Simultaneous muscle stretching and focused breathing benefits you in two ways. Tense muscles relax while you release emotional stress. Rediscover your calm, youthful state of mind.

Five: Weight Loss

Revisit your younger and lighter days. Choose a strenuous type of yoga, get your heart pumping, and shed some pounds! Or, stick with gentler practice. You’ll become more aware of which foods your body really needs, and your diet will change.

Suzanne Andrews, Founder of Functional Fitness, PBS TV, Producer of Beginners Dynamicy Yoga: Release Stress and Lose Weight, Healthwise

What benefits of yoga have improved your quality of life, helping you look and feel younger?

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  1. Great list, Suzanne! I practiced Vinyasa last night and I slept like a rock last night! Plus – the tension is gone in my shoulders and I feel energized and ready for my day today!

    Yoga sounded “weird” to me before I got started – but I LOVE it!! And all it took was trying it!

    Thanks for the list, Suzanne!

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