Booty Booster Pilates Exercise

Booty Booster

Short shorts? Bikinis? Best booty at the beach? Now’s the time to rally, Ladies, because you’ll be ready to take on all that and more!

Sitting on the floor, sit with your hips on your heels and place your knees as far apart as you can get them comfortably. Now lift that booty up off of the heels. Lift high enough so that there is no crease at the front of your hip, just a nice long flat line. Now just sit back down. Repeat 10 times. After 10, lift up and down quickly and with a smaller range of motion for 20 pulses.

Woohoo! Should be burning now. Boost that Booty!

Karena Thek Lineback, Master Pilates Instructor, Pilates Teck


Swimsuit Ready Challenge

This exercise is part of our Swimsuit Ready Challenge (April 2-30, 2012). Do this exercise and comment below “I did this!” to be entered to win our $100 and $50 giveaways. You may enter up to one time per day through April 30th.

Also – be sure to share this on Facebook, Pinterest and other sites to let your friends cheer you on or – better yet – join in on the challenge so they can hang out on the beach with you this summer!

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