Create Your Exercise Mantra

The new school year is almost upon us and along with back to school shopping for needed supplies we are also shuffling around our schedules to make sure we fit everything in.  Don’t let your exercise routine get pushed to the side.  Try creating your own fitness mantra to help motivate you!

If You Do Nothing Else Today……

Mantras make the world go round. And the mantra you need if you are to make exercise a regular part of your life is this: “If you do nothing else today, do something good for your body.” Remind yourself repeatedly that–without good health–all the other priorities in your life will no longer be priorities.

It may mean getting up a half hour earlier or giving up lunch three times a week and getting on a treadmill instead. Or, lifting weights while watching tv or buying a pet so you have to walk it. But remember it’s a reciprocal relationship: If you want your body to serve you well in the future you have to attend to its needs….now.


About the Author:  Dr. Marlene Caroselli is an author, keynoter, and corporate trainer. She has published over 60 books, including Hiring and Firing, The Language of Leadership, and Principled Persuasion, named a Director’s Choice by Doubleday Book Club.

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