Define and Tone Your Abs Using the Ab Shredder

Try using this super shredding exercise for a set of incredible abs you love to show off!

The Ab Shredder

Even thinking about this exercise makes me feel sore. I had it dubbed the ab-shredder because it literally feels like someone is flailing my stomach with a cheese grater.

ball abs exercise

I start by lying down flat on my back (with my arms stretched out straight behind my head), I take a Swedish exercise ball and hold it between my feet. Keep it still, you don’t want it to fall out.

Then, I raise it straight up in the air so my legs are perpendicular to my body and the ball is directly above my midsection. I lift my hands flat up in the same direction and grab the ball. Then, I slowly lower my hands and legs at the same time so the ball has effectively been transferred.

Then, you do the same thing in reverse-raise your arms until they are perpendicular to your body, bring your legs up, and transfer the ball. These are killers and I can only do 15 before I want to cry, but they are the most effective ab workout I’ve ever done. I’ve gained a ton of strength this way, and the results look amazing!

Sharon Rosenblatt, Communications, Accessibility Partners

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  1. Awesome exercise, Sharon – thanks for sharing it with our readers! I just gave it a try and my abs are burning!

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