Effective Exercises to Perform in Your Hotel Room

by Shaun Zetlin

No time to workout because of that stressful business trip, or long-awaited vacation with your loved one? Well, no problem: you can get in a great workout while traveling and all from the convenience of your hotel room! These exercises are quick, convenient, and fun to perform while traveling and most importantly, they will provide better circulation in your body and help stretch those over-active (tight) muscles from the trip. Furthermore, this workout will build lean muscle and help you achieve that aesthetic desired look we all crave. Your hotel room can serve as an unexpected space to perform an effective routine in which to workout. Now there are no excuses to not exercise for a healthier and fitter body, even while traveling!

Romanian Split Lunge

This first exercise will provide a deep stretch for your hip flexors, posas major, and quadriceps while strengthening the glutes. Note that this lunge movement works your glutes intensely, and that stronger glutes are critical for proper function while exercising. This makes this one of the more difficult, but one of the most beneficial exercises.


To start, find a hard-surfaced chair with a seat about one foot in height and place it about two feet behind you (with the seat facing your back). Next, prop the toes of one foot onto the flat surface of the chair, creating a 120-degree angle in your leg. While keeping your bent leg and toes secure, stabilize your standing leg on the ground for support. Place your hands crossed and flat against your chest. Next, slowly lower your torso and lunge downward, bending your back knee as low to the ground as possible. Pause at the bottom of the lunge for a solid second while keeping optimal posture without leaning forward or backward. Then, rise up from the lunge to the starting position (with your toes still on the chair) to complete the exercise. To make this more of a challenge, try to have your bent knee gently touch the ground with each lunge.

Performing four sets total of two sets on each side performing 12 repetitions would be a great goal.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise focuses on every muscle below your pelvis and also gives your upper body a workout since your arms will have to support your body weight.


To perform, clear a small space in your hotel room and start in a military push-up position while keeping your elbows slightly bent. Bend one knee and bring it up to your chest, as if trying to touch your shoulder. Then, draw the leg back and perform with the other leg. While alternating legs, maintain a consistent solid speed throughout. Remember to keep a neutral spinal position and don’t drop your hips while performing this exercise.

Beginners should set a goal of three sets of 20 repetitions while resting 30 seconds in between sets. The more advanced individual should shoot for three sets of 50-80 repetitions.

Push-up with Alternating Leg

This is a challenging movement that will get your lower body involved while building a stronger core in the process. Additionally, you will build lean muscle in your: chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and upper back.


Begin by getting into the push-up position with your heels up and your elbows bent with your hands shoulder-width apart. Next, perform a push-up while bringing one leg up about one to two inches above the floor. Alternate each leg with each push-up for excellent core stability. The leg in the air is locked to recruit more muscle fibers in your glute and hamstring.

Execute 12-24 repetitions total. Perform two to three sets for a successful challenge.


About the Author: Master Trainer Shaun Zetlin has successfully run his own personal training business in the New York Metro area. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Shaun here in the comment section below. For further information about this article or to learn about Shaun’s new book, Push-up Progression Workout for a Stronger Core, check out his website at: ZetlinFitness.com.

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  1. Never thought of doing press-ups with alternating leg, I’ll have to give it a go, thanks for the time-saver! 🙂

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  2. Love these moves, Shaun! The Romanian Split Lunge gets in deep!!

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