Find Motivation in Your Fitness Class

Balancing a schedule that includes a regular fitness routine can be a challenge. We know it’s hard work, but we also know that the work pays off in many areas of our lives. Learn how this fit Mom makes the time in her schedule to exercise.

Find a Fitness Routine You Love

…and set the appointments for it in stone!

After the birth of my son, my fitness routine really suffered. Everything else in my life came first and I was suffering as a rsult. The way that I got it back was by finding classes I loved with teachers who inspired me. I have my spot in those classes reserved through the end of the year, they are in my calendar and I book my schedule around them. It has to be some very extraordinary for me to miss class and then I do my best to fill in a different class during that week.


About the Author: ┬áRandy Rabney is a board certified holistic health coach, trained chef, food lover and working parent. She is the founder of a company dedicated to helping people find the freedom to eat real food without getting fat. She is also the author of “Delicious For Life: Your Everyday Guide to Making Quick & Healthy Meals.” She is a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts as well as The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, both in NYC and has cooked at the Golden Door Spa in California and has taught classes in a variety of places, including Whole Foods Markets.

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