Firm Your Arm Flab!

The Ultimate Upper Body Exercise

Dips – The triceps dip is the fastest way to tone the arms and build strength in the shoulders and chest. Men can achieve the “horse-shoe” shaped triceps and women can tighten the dreaded underarm with the dip.

Begin with bench dips. On a flat bench or chair, place your hands outside of your hips, palms on the bench and fingers facing the share direction as your feet. With legs feet planted on the floor and the hips up in a bridge, bend at the elbows and lower your rear end to the ground. Keeping your core engaged and chest up, press through the palms and return to the starting position. When bench dips become too easy, elevate your feet onto another bench or stable surface.

If you are ready to take the triceps dip to the next level, you will need a dip station or parallel bars. Grasp your bars, and suspend your body above the bars with arms extended. Bending at the elbows, lower your body towards the ground until your upper arm is parallel to the ground. Finish the movement by driving through the palms flexing the triceps and core to return to the stating position.

Joe Vennare, Director of Programming, Hybrid Athlete

Feel the burn by trying these daily exercises for a toned body that will turn heads on the beach this summer!  What have you done today to get ready for swimsuit season?

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