Get In the Boat for Great Abs

The Yoga “Boat Pose” is a strong ab builder. Our guest blogger, who will walk us through this pose is Jane Ribinskas who is giving away a training package in our Swimsuit Ready Challenge.

Follow along with Jane who tells and shows us how to do this sequence:

Great Abs Sequence in Sanskrit “Navasana” or The Boat Pose

1. Start with the legs crossed and palms a little bit in front shoulder width apart on the mat. Exhale through the nose draw the navel towards the spine engage the pelvic floor then with the inhalation lift the body off the mat (That may or may not happen depending on hip tightness and strength). Once you land back down with the exhalation(or you may remain on the mat) lean back a little lifting your knees so the touch together making sure your spine is straight and you’ll be on the flat part of your sitting bones and your shins will be in a right angle to your knees with your toes pointed. Also lift up through your chest and work your pelvic floor as well as drawing the navel to the spine. The arms will run parallel along the body in line with the knees and draw the shoulders back. Keep the breath even in and out of the nose connecting back to the core.

2. To take this to a more advanced level straighten the legs and point the toes you’ll be in a V shape. Next take the arms up wards and out to a v shape above the shoulders. If you lose the V shape in your body come back to the first position. Repeat by bringing the legs back to a crossed position to the starting position push up through the palms as you exhale through the nose drawing the navel to the spine push the sitting bones and hips off the mat on landing…lean back and follow the original instructions with either bent knees or straight legs this can be repeated 10x times.

This will be a fun way to cultivate “bikini body” abs. Love and blessings to you and remember most of all to love and accept your bikini body no matter where it is at on your journey!

Jane Ribinskas, Director/Teacher, YogaConcepts


Swimsuit Ready Challenge

This exercise is part of our Swimsuit Ready Challenge (April 2-30, 2012). Do this exercise and comment below “I did this!” to be entered to win our $100 and $50 giveaways. You may enter up to one time per day through April 30th.

Also – be sure to share this on Facebook, Pinterest and other sites to let your friends cheer you on or – better yet – join in on the challenge so they can hang out on the beach with you this summer!

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  1. I have found that doing several variations of the boat with long time periods of each hold has really strengthened by abs.

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    • Great point! Holding your boat for longer and longer each time is a good way to build up strength (and some mental endurance too!).

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