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At Pretty Hard Work we know that maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise doesn’t come easy.  But, we also know that once we make both an important part of our lifestyle that it is very worth the effort.  Take a look at the following healthy habits you can apply to any diet.

Creating Healthy Eating Habits That Can Be Applied to Any Diet

As a movement specialist, I’ve learned to not eat food that’s never moved.

  • If you don’t want to be in a box, don’t eat out of one.
  • Gone are the days of wasting a single calorie on bad food! When you do something fast, especially eating, you don’t allow your brain to even register if it actually tastes good. Slow down and take a bite and think about what you are eating.
  • I get my strength from my family and the people that I can help. There is no personal strength gained from a doughnut or whatever is your thing that you need to comfort you.

Michelle Turner, Movement Integration Specialist & Educator, Movement Lesson LLC


It is important to have the support you need to start creating healthy habits and then to keep going!  We know it’s annoying to post every healthy accomplishment on facebook…  but, if this holds you accountable, then go for it!  I have found it very encouraging.  And even better, others who are making similar health strides have messaged me and we are now a great support for each other.

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