How Kickboxing Can Help You Burn Calories and Reclaim Your Body

Today’s guest bloggers share their experiences to show you how kickboxing can help you burn calories and reclaim your body after a pregnancy, weight gain or even injury. See what they have to say about just how many calories you can burn and why kickboxing is such an effective exercise:

Kickboxing for a Lower Body Calorie Burner

Kickboxing stresses lower body exercises that shape, tone and increase power in the legs, hips and feet. It is effective because it burns more calories than regular cardio classes – up to 450 calories per hour. Anytime a person lifts their legs to kick they engage not only their legs, but their hips, butt, core and Abs. Plus, kickboxing greatly improves flexibility, balance and coordination.

— Jillian Bullock, CEO/President, Jillian Bullock Enterprises

Kickboxing to Lose the Baby Weight

After the birth of my four children, I began to take kickboxing classes at the gym and from there chose to become a certified fitness instructor. I now teach kickboxing, bootcamp and dance conditioning.

I feel strongly that kickboxing was essential to helping my body recover from my pregnancies.

It combines the high calorie burn of a standard cardio workout with the low resistance/high rep benefits of things like barre classes. The result is both toning and slimming.

A secondary benefit of kickboxing is that the class can be an emotionally empowering experience. Having a couple of hours a week to embrace our strong, assertive self in a safe environment can be an important antidote to everyday ups and downs. I encourage my students to say words like ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to add power to their punches and to practice using their voices in an empowering way.

I have been able to teach and take kickboxing classes despite the fact that I have a reconstructed knee, a labral tear in one of my hips and a bad back. The key to practicing with injuries is good technique. I emphasize proper technique in all the classes I teach–it protects the body and give the best results.

— Kerry Ann King, Instructor/Owner, AMPD Fitness–Always Move, Dance, Play


Get your fists up and start punching your way to a more fit body and a clearer mind with kickboxing!

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