How to Balance Your Health, Family, and Career

bicep-curlsWe asked our guest blogging super Moms how they fit it all into their schedules.  Learn how you too can be a fit Mom who successfully balances her health, family and career.

You Snooze You Loose!

In the last year, I have developed an absolute passion for fitness! I just love it! I’ve always had a desire to have a regular workout routine, but never felt I had time to add “one more thing” to my busy schedule.

I’m a wife, step-mother and grandmother with a full-time IT career and my own consulting business. I’ve found that the only way to get my workouts in is to get up before the sun!

Most mornings I’m up at 4:00 am preparing for the day and heading out to the gym. Since I’m not a morning person, this requires a lot of preparation the night before. My gym clothes are laid out, my breakfast, my lunch and my work clothes are all pre-packed the night before.

For me consistency is the key! Early to bed and early to rise makes me healthy, wealthy & wise!

Amy Polk, Weight Loss and Healthy Living Coach, Amy Polk: Weight Loss, Healthy Living & Social Media Solutions


About the Author: Amy is passionate and diligent about counseling and encouraging others towards success in their weight loss and wellness goals as well as building their own businesses so that they are enabled to create their own financial success and live debt-free. Her goal is to help you discover and live Life by Design!

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