How to Detox Naturally Using Yoga

Yoga teaches us how to detox our body naturally.  Learn from director and teacher at Yoga Concepts, Jane Ribinskas, about the many health benefits that a yoga practice has on your life.

Practice Yoga, Breathe, Detox and More!

Yoga is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to connect the body, mind and soul bringing transformation. Practiced regularly it will correct and strengthen the individual on a physical, psychological and emotional level, slow the aging process, align the posture, improve skin and muscle tone and overall well being. Yoga is practiced in varying styles at different levels depending on the individual’s preference and capability.

Specifically Yoga is highly beneficial in improving many stress related conditions. When an individual is stressed the immune system is lowered due to stress related chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline being released into the body. Small doses of these chemicals are fine to help and individual have super strength when in danger but long term stress poisons the body. Yoga is known to calm the nervous system as a result of meditation and focused positive (pranayama) or breathing techniques being applied.

Clinical studies have found that 75% percent of the toxins released every day by the body are expelled through respiration, let alone through sweating, the respiratory system is responsible for eliminating approximately 70% of your metabolic waste. The remainder is generally eliminated through defecation 3%, urination 8% and perspiration 19%.Most people think that building up a sweat or going to the bathroom is important- hopefully this will help you re think and focus on you’re your breath being utilized in a positive manner . A steady even full breath in through the nose filters the bacteria before it reaches the lungs and the exhalation through the nose or mouth is the elimination point. Next time you exhale through your nose or mouth hold up your hand and notice the moisture that’s you detoxing.

Breathing also assists the activation of the lymphatic system it is like a pump and is how the heart is in relationship to the circulatory system. It’s essential for the cells to have oxygen to survive within each moment. They must also rely on the complex arrangement between the circulatory and lymphatic system to carry generous amounts of oxygen and nutrients in the blood flow to the capillaries, while the lymphatic system carries away destructive toxins.

So next time when your teacher offers you focused positive breathing techniques throughout your yoga practice remember the breath is a curial tool for changing your life you. Positive breath calms the nervous system, detoxes, kick starts the metabolism to lose weight, releases your endorphins, serotonin – being your natural relaxants and more . Another amazing fact is breathing is free and it’s with you 24hrs, notice how you are using it as most people don’t. Cultivate a happier healthier you through Yoga and positive breathing.

Jane Ribinskas, Director-Teacher, Yoga Concepts

Have you experienced how to detox your body naturally through yoga?  What is your favorite pose?

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  1. Great article, Jane! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I didn’t think about breathing as a way to detox… but it makes a lot of sense. And, with the focus on breathing in yoga, we can’t help but rid our bodies of the “gunk” it doesn’t need!

    Thanks again!

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