How to Find the Balance Between Workout and Rest

As you dive into your workout routine and make it a habit you start to hear more and more about the balance between  workout and rest. For someone who is new to an intense training program it is important to find that balance.  We want to make sure we don’t allow ourselves excuses to skip training days, however we don’t want to risk injury either.

Learn from our experts how to find the right workout and rest balance that’s right for you:

A Rest Day After Every Work Out Day? Maybe Not

Resting because you have had a work out can present a large dilemma wrought with excuses and rationalizations justifying “resting”. Split routine work outs were started way back with Arnold and “the guys” lifting 400 and 600 pounds. Most of us do not use such behemoth weights.

If you are not working out intensely and resting during your work out, you do not need a rest day(s). Puttering on the treadmill and showing up for yoga are not work outs requiring rest. Boot camp, Insanity, and lifting 50% or more of your body weight equates to an intense work out which should not be completed more than 3 days per week.

Resting from an intense work out such as a “CrossFit” type of work out, or a kickboxing class is essential to prevent injury. Active rest at least one day per week is best, focusing on a full range of motion stretching routine. Indeed a leisurely bike ride or chasing your kids around the park followed by stretching would be an excellent rest day.

Jodean Petersen, B.S. ACSM-CPT, Health Coach, Jodean Petersen

Rest is as Important as Work

Your body needs a right balance of hard work and real rest. I recommend taking at least one full day off per week from all exercise. I think of it as a “sabbath”. It is wise to take a day to quiet the mind AND the body with down time. Ideally, do about 4 cardio hours a week, 3 strong strength sessions, and daily stretching. Planning ahead will allow the balance!

Nancy Radding, Fitness Director, The Oaks at Ojai

How did you find the right balance between workout and rest during your intense training?

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