How to Maintain a Regular Exercise Routine

Everything seems better in my life when I take the time to do some exercise – especially my business! But, I will admit, that sometimes I get too caught up with work, the kids and my home to prioritize exercise. The things that often get in the way are my kids! I plan to work out while they are at school, at camp or off on a play date, but then the phone rings or an email arrives and boom, that plan vanishes!

So this fall I am trying a new method of ‘organization’ to be sure I fit some exercise into almost every day! It’s pretty simple, but what I am doing is taking some time on Sunday evening to ‘schedule’ a work out in for each day of the week. Sometimes I put it on my calendar for early in the morning before the kids wake up, other times I schedule it during a lunch during my workday. If I know I am flying solo with the kids on a certain day, I make sure to schedule a workout I can do in my house! If there is a special class I’d like to take when the kids are out of the house, I schedule my workday around when it’s offered.

I am finding that I keep my ‘workout dates’ when they are on the calendar, and I am more excited about working out since I am making time to do the kind of exercise I enjoy most, instead of fitting in a dreaded run at the end of the day, because that’s all I have time for!

It’s simple, but effective. Give it a try!

Noelle Abarelli, Author & Founder of The Smart Mompreneur, The Smartmompreneur


About the Author:  Noelle Abarelli, author of The Smart Mompreneur, is a serial entrepreneur raising two kids in Boulder, CO. A former international marketing executive for a start up tech company, Noelle really understands how to launch a successful business with limited time and limited resources. Contact Noelle at

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