How to Make Exercise Enjoyable

Finding the motivation to exercise can sometimes be difficult.  I find myself going in spurts – an on again, off again positive attitude toward exercise.  Even though I don’t feel like it, I will usually drag myself into some sort of class or activity.

When you’re experiencing those “off again” moments, it’s important to reinvent your exercise routine so you find a new groove that you enjoy.  Our guest blogger suggests this:

Listen, Learn + Walk

Need a reason to get up and walk a few miles every day? Tried leaving your walking shoes out? Tried getting up earlier? Walking after dinner? Walking during lunch break? Well, try listening to a podcast or a book.

Chapter by chapter, mile by mile; the time and the steps add up quickly. Before you know it, in a few weeks, you’ll have listened to (read) a few books. You’ll be smarter, more engaging, more healthy, more fit. Plus, you’ll be building bone density and getting a dose of vitamin D.

If books aren’t your thing, try downloading an entertaining podcast like, “This American Life” on NPR. The weekly show is always interesting and gives you food for thought – – which is calorie free!

Geralin Thomas, CPO-CD, “Hoard-ganizer” / Professional Organizer, Metropolitan Organizing


About the Author: Geralin Thomas is a certified professional organizer specializing in chronic disorganization and hoarding. She lives in Cary, NC and enjoys helping clients transform their homes from casa de chaos to casa de calm.

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