How to Make Fitness a Family Affair

How do we instill healthy habits in our children if we are not living a healthy lifestyle? Moms everywhere have started setting a good example for their children by taking control of their health and fitness levels. Learn how this work-at-home Mom of 5 has made exercise a family affair!

Family Fitness

As a work-at-home mother of 5 children, I know how difficult it can be to fit all of your daily responsibilities into your day let alone trying to find time for a fitness routine.

Having two children who are homeschooled makes it all the more important for me to fit physical activity into our daily routines. By planning activities such as walks, swimming, shooting hoops or dancing as a family, I am able to conquer our otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

In addition to managing our weight, as a family we are working to reduce stress, strengthen bones and muscles, improve sleep patterns, increase energy levels and create a stronger family connection. I encourage all families to get moving!


About the Author: Victoria Marin is a graduate of New York University who has combined her knowledge as an Occupational Therapist with her skills as a writer to author the children’s book, Aiden’s Waltz, which is about a young boy with Autism who overcomes his special needs through the art of ballroom dancing. She is an advocate for the development of creative arts programs for children on the spectrum. Ms. Marin resides in New Jersey with her 5 children – her inspiration for writing.

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