How to Make Working Out a Habit

We have all been there…  working out like crazy a month before our high school reunion, or spending the months of April and May in the gym preparing for swimsuit season.  And we may likely be in that place someday again.  But, we would prefer to be there in a different frame of mind.

Our guest blogger reminds us that exercise is not seasonal!  Rachel reminded us yesterday that we can stay fit even when on vacation!  Learn how to get out of that workout-only-when-needed mentality and start making it habitual.

Working Out is Not Seasonal

Exercising regularly is essentially half of the battle when it comes to actually staying fit. Obviously, the other half is eating properly. Though, for many people, the exercising part just seems to daunting for many people in this country.

To combat this lethargic quandary, one needs to take certain steps to fall into the a constant groove of physical activity. The first step is to join a gym that is a reasonable distance away from your home or job. Give yourself at least two to three days a week with a minimum of one hour per gym session. The next step is to do research and ask people for advice. If you step into a gym not knowing how to correctly do certain exercises, you may hurt yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to fellow gym-goers. The final step is to keep up a routine and surprise your body with new and innovative workouts. Push yourself to keep going and find ways to make working out fun and exciting.

Michael Pesochinsky, Cofounder, CTO and GC,

What tricks have you used to make working out a habit?

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