How to Strengthen the Mind and Resolve to Exercise

What motivates us to exercise?…  when the want becomes greater than the dread.  Our expert guest blogger shares with us how to strengthen the mind, reinforcing our resolve for a successful exercise routine.

How to Get WANT POWER Instead of Will Power

Meditation is without a doubt one of the most important steps you can do to lose weight and get want power. How can a sedentary activity help you lose weight? We all know that we need to eat less and exercise more and with a smorgasbord of diet books.  Then why are there now 200 million Americans overweight? We are neglecting the most critical aspect of successful weight loss – our overstressed minds. If your mind/body were a business, your mind would be the CEO and your body would be the subordinate employee following orders.

Meditation increases your self-awareness so you’re more in sync with what you’re doing. By bringing your body, mind and spirit into focus, meditation helps you achieve your weight loss goals. Instead of eating mindlessly, you become mindful of your actions which results in the ‘domino effect’ of increasing your minds ability to fine tune what your body really needs instead of what it wants.

Suzanne Andrews, Producer of Beginners Dynamic Yoga: Release Stress and Lose Weight DVD and Meditation CD, Healthwise Exercise

How do you strengthen the mind, increasing your resolve to exercise?

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