Intense Training in Short Bursts

Looking back across the evolution of the human race, many of the instinctual movements we performed on a daily basis when hunting, gathering, or even farming have become obsolete in today’s world of desks and computer screens.  But, just because the world around us has changed, doesn’t mean that our need for movement or exercise has lessened.  Learn from our expert guest blogger how getting back to our instincts is the best type of intense training to stay in shape!

Instinctual Intense Training

A slew of recently published research studies have concluded that long endurance-type exercise is unnecessary for health and fitness. The reports also indicate that shorter, more intense methods are not only more time-efficient, but may also be better for you.

“We highly suggest incorporating sprints into your walk. Walking is the best activity for fat burning; we’ve been doing it for millennia, and it’s our most natural form of locomotion. We probably never ran much for long periods at slow speeds during our evolution. However, our days likely involved lots of walking, along with infrequent periods of strenuous activity such as sprinting. Just imagine having to chase down or run away from some wild beast. These are the kind of activities we evolved doing and these same activities are what we are best adapted for and thrive on.”

Dian Griesel, Ph. D, co-author of TurboCharged, Business School of Happiness

How have short bursts of intense training helped you stay in shape?

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  1. I really like this tip, Dian – thanks for sharing it with our readers!

    I love the idea of thinking “primal” and doing what our bodies were intended to do – it makes perfect sense!

    Thanks again!

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