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This week we are talking about women’s safety and self defense.  Today we have some excellent advice about what to do if you’re approached by a stranger while walking to your car or down the street.  Our expert guest bloggers, Tracy & Charley Vega, owners of Simple Self Defense For Women, promote how to “simply escape an attack, NOT stay and fight!”

What to Do if Approached by a Stranger

Our most commonly asked question is what do you do if you are approached by a stranger? No one likes to be rude but bad guys can take advantage of your good nature. So what do you do if you’re approached?

The best self defense is to not allow yourself to be put in a vulnerable situation in the first place. The best way to do this is to keep your distance, everyone has their own personal space and if you allow that stranger to come too close to you then you may not have enough time to react.

The best way to keep your distance from a potential attacker is to extend your hand up in front of you at eye level and ask that person what they want. You can say whatever you feel comfortable saying to that person. Excuse me can I help you? Please keep your distance, what do you want? Etc… This act alone can improve your odds of survival. The person approaching you now knows that you are well aware of them; bad people want the element of surprise and easy targets. Now that you have your hand up anyone in the parking lot looking in your direction can see that this could be a bad situation. You don’t have to say anything; your hand up says it all! With today’s instant communication most people have cell phones and can call 911 to report that something is going on in the parking lot that does not look right. Please send help!

Keep in mind if that person is a good guy he will apologize and walk in a different direction. If they are a bad guy they are going to keep talking and continue their approach. At that time you need to determine if they are after you or what you have.

Tracy & Charley Vega, Owners, Simple Self Defense For Women

Do you have your simple escape plan mentally prepared?  How do you guard yourself against an attack when alone in a parking lot?

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