Learn to Still and Train Your Mind

The mind is an extremely powerful tool and drives us in positive or negative ways it depends on our social conditioning from childhood and our belief structures about ourself. How we apply our thoughts and direct them towards taking actions within the present moment can depend on an individual sustaining motivation.

Most people are externally focused and to learn these two vital life changing techniques to improve inner awareness and external motivation is the key to success in all areas of life.

Be Healthy, Happy, Motivated and Meet Your Full Potential

1. Stillness Meditation: To learn stillness meditation and to be able quiet the mind chatter and get to know yourself from within is one of the crucial keys to success. This technique taps you into your creative self or intuition or higher self beyond thought where all inner wisdom resides. You also learn to focus and become the witness or watcher of your thoughts. In this state you can start to see negative mental patterning which creates negative or positive behaviors when you acknowledge the negative you can learn to let it go. This creates inner peace and better health by creating calmness, lowered blood pressure, mental energy and more. I often say “when you close your eyes and focus within it is like plugging in your mobile phone charger and you energize mentally, emotionally and to your source”. This is one of many simple meditation techniques;

  • Sit upright on a chair or on the floor with a cushion and the legs crossed, the hips tilting forward and a straight spine.
  • Close the eyes. When you breathe in through the nose, mentally say in.  When you breathe through the nose out, mentally say out.
  • Keep with this to start for 10-mins and build up to 60 minutes daily. If your mind drifts off to think about something else just bring it back to the in-out technique.

Initially it can be a challenge to close the eyes and go within however if you keep practicing before you know it you’ll be able to just close your eyes and switch off and energize anytime anywhere.

2. Creative Visualization: With this technique individuals use their mind (intellect or data base) to create visual pictures generally focused on their goals. Many athletes use this technique to win races and improve performance. Research suggests that subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between the real experience and the imagination. So by closing the eyes and picturing or visualizing yourself either losing weight or meeting beyond your fitness and wellbeing goals in-conjunction with the physical activity and healthy habits produces profound results.

The important focus is to create a inner sanctuary mentally where you go to start picturing your goal in fine tuned detail including noticing where you are, how you feel, the weather what your wearing and of course you participating in the event. This technique plants data into your subconscious mind so when you are actually participate in the live event you have already practiced it in your mind and have created a subtle blue print that you can act out.

When you have a positive blue print in place and notice motivating or de-motivating thoughts you can start dropping off the negative sabotaging thoughts that turn into behaviors and move forward in positive ways to meet your full potential.

These are two powerful techniques to build a base that will enhance other motivating practices.  May you experience fun, happiness and success.

Jane Ribinskas, Director/Facilitator, Yoga Concepts

How have you been able to quiet your mind and experience success?

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