Making Healthy Choices One Meal at a Time

When making healthy choices, it is really a big experiment as to what will work for you. There are plenty of diet books telling you to do this, or that and somehow it is supposed to apply to everyone! Well, it doesn’t always work. And if you are to make a healthy lifestyle change, the changes should be gradual and repeatable.

My suggestion on how to make those changes is to choose one thing and do that one thing until you master it. Then change another thing. Here are a few suggested changes:

  • drink water instead of soda, juice or teas
  • plan your meals and snacks or pack your own lunch
  • try a new recipe each week or month – choose one new ingredient (vegetable, fish, chicken, non-wheat grain, etc). this could be kinda fun!
  • eat breakfast within an hour of getting up but make sure you get some protein and some carbs in that meal. Lacking one or the other will set you up for sugar cravings later in the day!
  • eat regularly spaced meals – make them smaller but more frequent
  • buy only from local farms or farmers markets
  • try dairy free or wheat free for 1-4 weeks

These are just a few examples. But, always just do one thing until you have it down pat, then add the next. Over the course of the years you will have changed your eating to be more healthy!

Joanna Chodorowska, Owner, Lead Nutritionist, Nutrition in Motion

What is your first step towards making healthy choices?

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  1. Great tips, Joanna! Thanks for sharing them with our readers!

    These are all manageable steps that anyone could take – and each one will make a lasting impact.

    I’m hugely in favor of simple changes like these instead of “diets”. People can actually DO these things without much effort – and they can easily become habit. Where diets can be difficult to stay on, and once you’re off, you’re off!

    Thanks again!

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  2. HI Rachel-
    you are welcome. Healthy nutrition is so much easier than people think it is when you break it down into manageable pieces. glad you enjoyed the tips!

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  3. Great tips! It is always best to slowly implement things and tailor healthy ways of living to your lifestyle instead of trying to do them all at once! Love and Shine CourtStar

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