Medicine Ball Exercise for Great Abs

Wood Chop Abs

I love the Medicine Ball Wood Chop for targeting the abs. It’s performed in a standing position, so it engages your entire core, including your back and hips. Plus the full, cross-body movement is an excellent way to target the obliques and the rectus abdominus.

To perform the movement, stand with your knees shoulder width apart, your knees slightly bent. Hold a medicine ball with both hands so that it’s slightly to the right of your right knee. Keeping your hips facing forward, bring the medicine ball across and in front of your body, your arms remaining fully extended, so that the ball ends up above and to the left of your left shoulder. As you perform the movement, your torso should rotate slightly as a unit, but your hips should not turn or shift. Reverse the movement to finish one repetition and continue a set of 15 to 20. When you’re done, switch sides.

You can also perform the wood chop exercise using cable machines, or you can make it more difficult by standing on a balance tool like a BOSU ball. Really, there are so many ways to switch it up that you never have to get bored!

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Swimsuit Ready Challenge

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