Pilates Exercises for a Great Booty

Try this great exercise that will give you buns of steel!


  • Stand to the right side of the Reformer.
  • Place both hands on the right side of the bar, arms straight, chest up.
  • Push up the bottom of the left foot against the shoulder rest closest to you.
  • Right foot remains on the ground and slowly push back on the left foot, keeping left knee off the carriage of the Reformer.
  • Bending right knee, apply all weight to the right heel (make sure right knee ALWAYS stays above right heel to keep proper form).
  • Slowly extend arms out in front of you, creating length in opposite directions (head reaching for the ceiling, arms reach out in front you, keeping an upright stance).
  • Straighten right knee while arms reach down your sides and slowly go back down while arms go straight back out in front of you (left leg will naturally come in and out with every squat).
  • Repeat on other side

The benefits of doing this on a Reformer are you get a deep stretch while simultaneously strengthening, toning, and lengthening your butt, thighs, and hamstrings.

If doing the GIDDY UP on a mat, the left leg will stay still and not move in and out.

Sets: 3-5
Reps: 10-15

Adrian Ramirez, Celebrity Pilates Instructor, Adrian’s Power Pilates

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