Prioritizing You is Time Well Spent

arm-sculpt-exerciseThis week we are learning from fit Moms who have it all!  You know who I’m talking about….  the Moms that balance children, work, home, spouse, fitness and still have the energy left to smile about it all!  Take a look at these Moms who have mastered the art of making “me time” and learned that it truly is time well spent.

Prioritize, Manage Your Time, and Refuse Excuses

Being a mom is about learning to prioritize. Moms are often torn choosing between putting their family first or putting themselves first. As hard as it is, I try my best to balance between the two. And giving yourself some “me time” makes you a better mom, because you have more patience, energy and enthusiasm for everything you do for your family.

I am a mother of two (Alexander 7.5 and Zosia 5 years old), and for the last 7 years I devote my mornings 100% to my family. I used to wear sneakers and run with my stroller. Now that they are older, once I drop them off to school, I rush to workout. Every day I could find thousands of excuses not to workout, but they are the worst excuses. I learned to refuse to make them.

I make calls and emails when I am shopping and walking on the street, I choose markets that can deliver to my house so that groceries get delivered and I can stay out and finish my errands. Time and task management is critical. I plan everything in my head before I leave the house. I noticed that being content with myself and my body there is one less thing to worry about and I can focus on other things.


About the Author: Sylwia Wiesenberg, a mom of two, is the founder of Tonique Fitness. Tonique is an intense workout that uses multidirectional movements that target every part of your body, working every muscle at every angle. Sylwia developed Tonique with her own goals in mind – to stay fit, firm and remain youthful forever. After years of perfecting her moves and developing new routines, she realized that she shared dreams with many women around her. She began training them and they achieved amazing results with her Tonique method. Most of her clients are moms.

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