Push Up Variations for Strong Arms

Tired of the same old push up?  Try using this push-up variation with stages to build upon.  As you get stronger, challenge yourself further!

Pike Push-Ups for Nuclear Arms & Shoulders

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to spend more time than is necessary in the gym and sometimes you can’t even get to the gym. The Pike Push-up will help you build strong and shapely shoulders and you won’t even need any equipment.

Begin in a down dog position with your hips up and your arms extended. Next, lower the crown of your toward the floor by bending your elbows. Go slowly at first, as this might be fairly intense.

As you get stronger, consider elevating your feet. First, you can try placing your feet on a step stool or aerobic step. Eventually, try placing your feet against the wall so you’re almost vertical. At that point, you’ll be pretty bad ass.

Tim Haft, President, Punk Rope

There is still a couple weeks left in the month of May where we can commit to an exercise routine.  Have a swimsuit ready body in time for beach season!  What action steps have you taken today?

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