Roll Out the Red Carpet Treatment for Your Legs

When working out your legs it is also important to help your muscles recover and heal. Intense training programs to strengthen your legs, or repetitive activities like running can often cause pain in your hips, knees, and ankles. Contrary to my original assessment… no, this isn’t just a sign of age. Learn how to help sooth your joint pain by using a foam roller to massage your muscles and release the tension on your joints.

Roll Out Your Legs

Here are two different foam rolling techniques that will help your legs recover from a pretty hard workout.

1. IT Band

Lie on your foam roller on your side at your hip. Support your movement by placing your foot of the top leg on the floor in front of your knee. Placing the majority of your weight on the roller, roll up and down your outer thigh from your hip to just above your knee.

2. Calves

Place your calves on top of the foam roller and roll from your ankle to just below your knee. For a more intense massage, place one foot on top of the other and roll one calf at a time.

These techniques will hurt at first… a good indication you need to make them part of your routine.

Amy Powell, Founder, UglyFinish

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