Sexy Arm and Shoulder Exercises

tone-armsSummertime is the best time to show off your sexy arms and shoulders. ┬áLearn an arm and shoulder exercise that will work multiple muscle groups for a figure you’ll love from our expert guest blogger, Maria Davis.

More Bang for Your Buck

I really like this compound exercise which is providing a strength workout to a number of upper body muscles including shoulders and arms. You get more bang for your buck because you are working a whole lot of muscles in one movement. One word of caution – be aware of control in this movement and also make sure your weights are correct for your function today. This will prevent injury.

Overhead Press:

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, abs in, weights in hand. Begin by bringing the weights up next to ears, palms face out. Contract the shoulders to lift the weights straight up and slightly forward (you should see them out of the corner of your eye). Lower back down to shoulder level and repeat.

Have fun with this exercise – it has created a wonderful silhouette for me. Everyone comments on my wonderfully shaped shoulders.

Maria Davis, Director and Founder, Embodimove

What is your favorite arm and shoulders exercise?

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