Stranger Danger: Not Just a Lesson for Our Children

It is important when traveling by yourself to be cautious. While we like to help others, we must be smart about how we interact with strangers. We are used to instilling all the important stranger danger tips in our children, but how often do we stop to take a moment to instill awareness in ourselves?

Our expert guest bloggers have provided us with a few tips to stay safe while on the road alone. Learn how to protect yourself against a possible attacker.

Don’t Be So Darn Polite

Women are naturally helpful by nature. Don’t let this put you in harms way by rolling your car window all the way down to give directions to a stranger. Roll it only a few inches down, keep your door locked. If they start to approach uncomfortably close, roll up the window and drive away. And don’t feel guilty about it!

Khadi Madama, Martial Arts Instructor, Fa Shen Training Arts

Behind Closed Doors

Ladies, when you are staying at a hotel, do what I do to protect yourself. Since I travel often with my professional speaking engagements and stay at hotels, I always double lock my door when I am in the room. That way, if a key to your room is mistakenly given to someone else, you won’t wake up or get out of the shower to find a stranger in your room.

Darcy Keith, President and CEO, Darcy L. Keith Enterprises

What prevention tips do you use when traveling by yourself?

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  1. Great tips!

    Darcy, your tip reminds me of one of my travel habits…

    A friend of mine laughed at me once when we were staying together at a hotel… as we left the room the room, I checked to be sure that the door had closed and locked before we walked away. She thought I was crazy at first – but she says she does it now every time!

    Doors don’t always close correctly and fully… so I figure, better safe then sorry to find someone snuck into your room when you walked away and left the door unlocked for them!

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