Strong Arms and Shoulders are as Easy as 1-2-3

Today’s strength training exercise comes to us from our Premium Guest Blogger, Lando.  He shares a sequence of exercises that will strengthen our arms and shoulders, beautifying our upper body for swimsuit season!

3 to 1 Contact – Make Those Arms and Shoulders Strong

This works great for arms, shoulders and chest. It’s called 3 to 1.

For arms – let’s start with the biceps. This is a regular bicep curl, however, instead of fluidly going through the motion – you should slow the lift to a count of three. Keeping your elbows locked to your sides (so that they don’t swing forward as you lift), lift the weights as you slowly count a beat of 1, 2, 3. By the time you reach 3, you should be at the top of the bicep curl. Then lower it for a count of 1 and start again. Do this for a set of 15 reps and you should feel a significant burn.

For triceps – you can do this as an overhead tricep pull. Start with the weight above your head with the feet shoulder width apart and the knees slightly bent to protect your lower back. Lower the weight between your shoulder blades, keeping the elbows as close together as possible. Then slowly lift the weight for that same count of 3 seconds or beats as you did for the bicep curl. Again, a set of 15 reps should provide an excellent burn. This can be done with 1 or 2 weights.

For shoulders – I would recommend a military press. Start with weights in each hand. Frame your head by bending your elbows so your arms are at perfect 90 degree angles surrounding your head. This is your starting and stopping point. Slowly count to 3 as you lift the weights over your head bringing the weights together at the top. Lower back to the 90 degrees around your head for a count of 1 and repeat. Do a set of 15 reps for a good shoulder burn.

Lando, Owner & Operator, Rocker / Rebel Luxe, LLC

What action step have you taken today to get ready for the rapidly approaching summer season?

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