Table Pose to Detoxify

Detoxify your body using this yoga pose from certified yoga instructor, Marianne Impal.

deToxifying Table

This pose will be sure to turn up the heat and turn down the toxins while lubricating shoulder joints and increasing vitality.

Sitting in Dandasana Pose, root your sitting bones firmly into the mat while extending your legs out in front of you. Be sure to flex and activate your legs all the way down to the feet. Place your hands right along side your body, palms facing down with fingers spread wide and facing forward. Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists.

Take a deep breath in, hug into your core, lengthen your spine and lift your heart; on an exhale press into the hands lifting your bottom up off the mat into Reverse Table Pose. Be sure to stack your knees directly above the ankles to insure proper alignment. Hold at the bottom of the exhale.

Inhale release the pose, but instead of coming completely down, push your bottom back in line with your shoulders and hover your hips off the floor in an elevated Dandasana before repeating this flow again. Repeat approximately 5-10 times. You may hold the last Reverse Table Pose for 5 breaths before releasing completely.

Marianne Impal, Certified Yoga Instructor and Owner of Y.E.S. Workshops, RaeCole/dba/ YES Trainings

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  1. Great pose, Marianne! It gets your whole body working… and that last hold feels so good when you can drop your head and really settle in to the long stretch.

    Thanks for sharing this pose with our readers!

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