Training Steps to End Breast Cancer

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer….cancer’s like that with expanding rings of impact. If you’re like me (and most people) you want to do something…something to show support for those fighting breast cancer or to honor the life of someone taken too soon.

There are many single day running, walking, or even yoga events that raise money and awareness for breast cancer. If you’re looking to do a more extreme event consider the multi-day events like Avon’s 2 Day or Komen’s 3 Day breast cancer walks.

To have a successful multi-day experience you must plan out your training schedule with these 3 things in mind:

1. Gradually increasing your weekly total mileage
2. 1-2x/week reserved for your weekly high mileage route
3. Including back-to-back high mileage days 2-3 weeks before the event

Allowing enough time to train–no less than 6 months–gives even a novice enough time to prepare. Time to prepare the legs; time to prepare the feet; time to prepare the body for the demands of a multi-day walk.

If your body’s ready and your mind’s willing, your heart will soar as you come across the finish line on that last day to the cheers from survivors, their friends and loved ones as well as those keeping their loved ones’ memory alive.

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Karen Whittier

About the Author: Karen Whittier is Chief Activist & Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at Embrace Activism

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  1. Karen – THANK YOU for suggesting these types of events. I’ve done the 3 Day twice now – and the experience is absolutely amazing.

    Your tips are excellent as well… I saw women dropping like flies around me each time saying “I had no idea it would be so hard… it’s *just* walking.”

    But – the training is totally worth it! You’ll be prepared for the grueling event and the months of training provide excellent exercise for long-term weight loss. The first time I did it was the summer after having my second child, and I steadily lost 1-2 pounds every single week… I was back to my pre-baby weight in a few months, and far under it by the time the event came around.

    Again – thanks for bringing up these events – they are great for us all personally and as women in general!

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