Triangle Twist to Detox Your Liver

As we talk about detoxifying yoga poses, we hear more and more about using twists.  Here is another yoga pose from expert guest blogger, Acharya Sri Khadi Madama, that teaches us how to use another variation of a twist to help detox our liver.

Twist up into the Triangle Pose and De-Tox Your Liver

A brief approach would be to stand with your feet as wide as comfort and stability allow; feet turned slightly outward. Begin with arms at your sides, (breathe through nose) inhale, raising arms to shoulder height. Exhale (through the nose); bring the left palm down to the left foot or ankle. Remain for 3 deep breaths.

Inhale, as you straighten back up returning to the center and exhale to perform on the opposite side, holding for 3 deep breaths.

An additional idea would be to bring your palms to the opposite foot, creating a bit more internal compression to the liver. This pose (Trikonasana) is also good for relieving water retention. Rest a moment before starting any subsequent Yoga or exercise.

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama, Founder, Yours Truly, Yoga TV

What is your favorite detoxifying yoga pose?

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  1. Acharya – thanks for sharing this pose and its benefits in fighting water retention!

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  2. Khadi, as always, has wonderful ideas for keeping healthy and fit. I am currently enjoying yoga pracitce with the VHS tapes I made of her “Yours Truly Yoga” program on Toms River Schools TV Station 21 in early mornings back in the 90s.
    To use the triangle or the cross the body triangle to detox the liver is new to me, but certainly timely as I am forced to take meds that greatly affect the liver. I also take med for water retention, so even better for me.
    Thanks Khadi for this tip and I am certainly going to be doing these asanas more in the future.

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