Up the Ante with an Intense Exercise Routine

We are on the hunt for intense training routines that will motivate and challenge us to perform.  We like to feel the results of our Pretty Hard Work, knowing we pushed ourselves to our maximum potential.

So, if you’re tired of doing the same old exercises and are looking for a new challenge, try using our guest blogger, Kerry Ann King’s suggestion.  But beware…  this is no lightweight workout!

Barre Class Isn’t for Sissies!

Barre classes are one of the hot new trends in group fitness. As a rule, they incorporate low-resistance high-rep exercises taken from the world of dance, with stretches and abdominal work. In my classes I use a combination of exercises derived from ballet, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, african dance and even hip hop, and blend this with yoga and Pilates-based stretches. The result is a super-toning, core-strengthening workout.

And don’t assume that because these exercises are usually done in toe shoes and tutus means that they are not athletic. Prepare to feel the burn. I recently shared some of these exercises with a male client. He couldn’t believe how much he was feeling his legs the next day! Adding a barre-type class once a week can challenge even the most jaded athlete.

Kerry Ann King, Owner/Instructor, AMPD Always.Move.Play.Dance.

How have you upped the ante by adding an intense exercise routine to your fitness program?

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