Use Common Sense Rules for Women’s Safety

Sometimes using common sense and following a few simple rules can be your best form of self defense. Let’s face it, the best case scenario is not finding yourself in a sticky situation in the first place.

Some of these are common mistakes we may make without even thinking or warnings we’ve heard before that we’ve become more relaxed about. So, here are a few women’s safety reminders to help us play it smart and safe!

Safety and Preventative Measures for Women

Don’t use a gun for protection.

Why? Unless you are properly trained in how to handle and shoot a gun, don’t buy one. Plus, if you are not willing to take another person’s life, don’t
buy a gun. You want to be in control of handling a gun so your attacker won’t take it away and use it on you. And if you do purchase a gun and don’t heed my advice, at least get a license for it, take lessons in gun handling and shooting.

If you’re driving and you see an unmarked car with a flashing red light, do not pull over.

Why Not? – Most likely the guy in that car is not a real police officer. You might see out your back window that he has on a cop uniform, but real cops don’t wear uniforms if they drive an unmarked car. Drive until you get to a crowded area, then pull over. Or call 911 and describe the situation to them. They’ll let you know if you are being pulled over by an official cop.

Never let anyone into your house or apartment you don’t know.

Why Not? – Because you don’t know if they are who they say they are. Unless you request someone to come out, e.g. repair man, cable guy, delivery man, etc., then don’t even open the door. If you have requested someone to come to your place, check their uniform, look for a name tag, ask for I.D. If possible, have a friend or family member present.

Jillian Bullock, CEO/President, Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC

What women’s safety rules do you consistently abide by to be smart and safe?

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