Use the Ten Percent Solution to Create Healthy Habits

We know that creating healthy habits is Pretty Hard Work. Unfortunately, eating healthy and exercising have become more and more difficult to fit into our busy schedules. With our lives being centered around the majority of our day sitting at a desk, there leaves little motivation to come home and get moving!

BUT WE MUST!  So, this week we are talking about creating healthy habits. Once you’re in the habit of eating healthy and exercising, your body will start to crave it and life just won’t feel right if you neglect it.  But, don’t try to start all at once.  Set yourself up for success by trying the following plan from health & wellness author, Syd Hoffman.

Try the Ten Percent Solution Plan!

In our eagerness to reach better health quickly, we often try to change too many habits at once. I recommend the “Ten Percent Solution:” every ten days begin a small new healthy habit. When we take bite-size meaningful steps toward our goal, we are more likely to successfully create a lifelong habit. Start with a timeline and breakdown your desired outcome into 10-day do-able chunks. Have fun along the journey, modifying when you need to or when a wild idea enhances your plan!

Syd Hoffman, Health and wellness author, All-Day Energy

How has creating healthy habits given you the motivation to keep moving?

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