Water Therapy Kit

This prize for our Swimsuit Ready Challenge comes to us from PBS TV’s Suzanne Andrews.

About Suzanne’s Kit

Relieve Arthritis Pain with PBS TV’s Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Water Therapy DVD Kit.

Doctor Recommended: “Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Water Therapy Kit is simple, easy to follow and incorporates everything you need in an arthritis exercise program. It includes stretching, cardio and strengthening in one effective program and incorporates the buoyancy of the water to ease joint stress.”  — Nathan Wei, MD, Director Arthritis Treatment Center, Maryland.

The Prize

Your Arthritis Water Kit Includes:

  • 1 DVD
  • 2 Instructional Audio CD’s
  • Only-One-of-its-Kind Water Resistant Booklet that you can follow along poolside.

Arthritis water therapy exercise, included in this fabulous water workout gives water aerobics lovers a pain relieving arthritis therapy workout by PBS TV’s Functional Fitness Expert and Rehab Therapy Professional, Suzanne Andrews.

This doctor recommended and approved water therapy treatment relieves the nagging pain of arthritis and doesn’t require a doctor visit, a co-pay, a prescription, or even a blood test. With just three times a week of use you ease joint pain by removing stress from your joints while improving your joint range of motion, strength and your quality of life.

You Get 6 Segments to Relieve Pain From Your:

1. Back
2. Neck
3. Shoulders
4. Hands
5. Knees
6. Hips

You can do all six segments or choose which ones you want to do. Each segment is only 15 -20 minutes long and offers a natural way to relieve joint pain ranging from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia and it’s safe for degenerative joint disease.

Enter to win this prize – just add a comment like “I want this!” to let us know you want this prize. Then – share it with your friends and go check out the other prizes that are available this month in our Swimsuit Ready Challenge!

(If this is the first prize you’re entering to win, you’ll need to Register for a login – it is super easy, just follow the instructions and you can use the same login over and over again to enter to win the prizes.)

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