Why Kickboxing Burns So Much Fat

Today’s guest blogger is a kickboxing instructor who shares his thoughts on why we love this pretty hard workout (hint, hint – it’s the results!)

Turn on the Fat Burning Furnace – Start Kickboxing

Kickboxing has become a phenomenon in the exercise arena lately, and it’s a fantastic way to burn an enormous amount of calories in a short period of time. I’ve been teaching the format for the last year, and people constantly ask me how many calories they burn in the 55 minutes we’re working. My answer is between 650 – 750 calories!

I think the reason people enjoy kickboxing so much is that it gives them the rush of minor martial arts training without having to worry about sparring or getting hurt. Furthermore, kickboxing, probably more than any other cardio oriented class offered in a gym setting, is a great vehicle for getting your aggressions and stresses out. And for those looking to truly burn fat, the heart rate stays elevated as the attendees really don’t get the opportunity to slow down.

And really, no matter how long someone has been attending a class, most instructors, including myself, vary the routines on a semi-regular basis thereby always presenting some sort of new challenge for the attendees which truly helps with both calorie burn as well as mental burnout in that they don’t wind up getting bored as if they were on a treadmill, elliptical machine or even a cycling class.

So to sum it all up, kickboxing is a safe, high intensity, major calorie burning way to exercise that at the end of it all is just plain fun!

— Lando, Founder,  Rebel Luxe, LLC / Rocker Rags.com


We agree with Lando – kickboxing is fun! And with all of the benefits it brings – it’s easy to see why so many of us are hooked on this fat-burning, toning exercise.

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  1. I find kickboxing cheaper than therapy and if I loose some weight while doing it……!

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    • Haha! I completely agree Alissa! Kickboxing is awesome for burning off some steam and working off stress!

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