Work Your Transverse Abdominals

Are you guilty of sucking in your stomach when you look in the mirror – or pulling in that belly when you’re out and about and see someone walk by?

C’mon – we all do it!

As today’s guest blogger tells us – keep it up! Just lie on your back and suck in that gut – it is a real exercise that actually builds muscle!

Vacuum for Tight Abs

No, I don’t mean you should break out the vacuum cleaner for the rugs, but rather should “vacuum” your stomach!

Lie flat on the floor with knees bent. Literally pull your belly button in as if you wanted it to touch your spine. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then release for 5 seconds. Repeat a total of ten times.

This works the “transverse abdominals,” which when strong, will help tighten the waistline and make it smaller (sort of like an internal corset). Most people forget to work this important part of the muscle…but it should not be neglected!

Eric Broser, CEO/President, PRRS Training and Body Transformation Systems


Swimsuit Ready Challenge

This exercise is part of our Swimsuit Ready Challenge (April 2-30, 2012). Do this exercise and comment below “I did this!” to be entered to win our $100 and $50 giveaways. You may enter up to one time per day through April 30th.

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