You Have Enough Time to Exercise. You Do.

“I don’t have enough time…”

School time is going to be rolling around in a matter of 2 weeks for most states. This means the leisurely summer-time lifestyle will screech to a halt and the mundane activities of “life” will resume. Exercising on a “schedule” will also be one of those requirements however, it will be easier than you think to reintroduce it to your lifestyle!

The thought that you have to exercise for 30-45 consecutive minutes or your results will fail is a myth. I have seen little truth to it being a mandatory exercise “clause”. In fact, I find more intense exercise “spurts” work amazingly well for most of my “mommy” clients! The reasoning is that you are able to put more effort into your workout as you have more energy especially when the sessions are 1.5-3 hours apart!

With that being said, having an extra weight plate is very beneficial. Something that proves to be more beneficial is toting around a set of resistance bands with you! They can be used in a car or at soccer practice, talk about setting an example!

James “Mr. Health” Paul CPT, CSS, FTS,¬†Chief Operating Officer,¬†RRD Unlimited, LLC.


About the Author: James Paul is an avid personal trainer who believes weight training falls under resistance training, and not vice versa. He advocates the implementation and determination of fitness goals into his client’s lifestyles. James has extensive experience training numerous classes of clients from beginner to the advanced athlete as well as special populations. The special population group does receive a bit more favor from James as they are normally turned away due to a variety of conditions that make most trainers nervous!

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