Your Attitude is Everything in Self Defense

Self defense begins with the right attitude and confidence level.  Learn how our expert guest blogger suggests you avoid an attack entirely by using your attitude.

Confidence, Skill Attitude and Self Defense

Your key to Self Defense begins with ‘how’ you ‘present’ yourself in your environments. Do you move with a ‘large’ sense of purpose, confidence and power or do you move with a ‘smallness’ with head down, eyes diverted, arms close to the body and small steps?

As you walk in your environments, be aware of all that’s around you by moving your head from side to side to take what is in front of you and behind (without having to fearfully glance back). Shoulders should be pulled back and body erect for more ‘height’ and balance. Arms should swing in large motions at your side so they can be ‘active’ and ready to be utilized if necessary. Large steps indicate that you have clear ‘control’ of your balance and direction.

This physical demonstration in your walking presentation demonstrates a positve and confident self that a predator/attacker would not want to choose as a potential target. Your ‘alertness’ and ‘readiness’ will be visible and ‘large’ which will be a strong deterant to any attacker.

Teri Coffee McDuffie, Owner, Santa Barbara Women’s Self Defense

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  1. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my Safety Tips of Self Defense and Empowerment on your site! I really feel it is important to present a strong and confident image in your envronments not only to keep you safe but to demonstrate your ‘postive image’ to attract the ‘good’ people in life 🙂 !

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